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Welcome to the N64 Vault Wiki

This is a Wiki dedicated to N64 editing/modding. And mostly a reserved place for mods made from the great Setup Editor! Read the About page for more info

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Setup Editor + Other N64 Editing Tools

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Forums: Forums:Shooters Forever

Discord: N64 Vault Setup Editor

Info Sites: HakPak64: ROM Hack console compatibility list, all tested with EverDrive 64

Featured Mods:


Eric Cartman
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Featured by CrashOveride

Excluding the efforts of Smash Remix, this is the first publicly released custom character for Super Smash Bros. Eric Cartman replaces Jigglypuff and has sounds replaced too. Jacob's probably going to update it more in the future, so check back for more.


WW2 City
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Featured by CrashOveride

Flargee returns with a new innovative level, taking place in World War II again. This time, Bond must navigate a Nazi-controlled city, searching for documents and fighting off new foes on the way. I highly recommend it. Also works on console!

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