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Author: Coockie1173

Date: 30/12/2018

Category: Bomberman64 Tools


BomberHack 64

Welcome to the first release of bomberhack64. A tool to "hack" bomberman64.
The current build supports:
- Image replacing
- File ripping

No additional downloads are required for the bomberhacker, just the one exe and a clean USA ROM (which we do NOT provide).
A basic tutorial for the program can be found over in the tutorial section of bomberman 64 on

Enjoy hacking!

Any other questions? Join our discord!

Update V0.61

+ added "image support". Essentially integrated texture 64 in a way. Image sizes are still guesswork.
+ image viewer has export function (click the image)
+ added global rom config. No need to reselect it for each and every individual module.


File nameFile typeSize
Bomberhacker.exeNo description624 kBInfo
image.pngPNG image data53.67 kBInfo


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