GoldenEye With Sonic Characters
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Author: Siul

Date: December 25, 2018

Category: For Fun

Level: All of them dummy


Goldeneye With Sonic Characters
By Siul

This has been in development for a YEAR. From january to december, wow. Time to gib credits

Models used are from Sonic Adventure1 and 2, Sonic R, Sonic Chronicles, and Sonic Jam.
Filler for optimizing the eggrobo and tails doll, and making the Galil and AR models.
Lenstar Productions for the mugman models
Zoinkity for the 8MB patch
Subdrag for the hires and pal patches

Disclaimer: You run the hires versions at your OWN RISK. I am NOT resposible if the game crashes during a one hour playthrough or something.

How To Use
gesonicfinal is the mod, NTSC version original resolution
gesonichires is the mod, NTSC version high resolution
gesonichires480i is the mod, NTSC version high resolution 480i
gesonicpal is the mod, optimized for PAL consoles
gesonicpal480i is the mod, optimized for PAL consoles at 480i resolution.
Apply to an unbyteswapped NTSC/USA rom

also PLS don't sell this, it's degenerate and scummy.

UPDATE!!!! Fixed issue with bunker 1, thanks carn for reporting
Fixed issue with depot crashing, thank you subdrag
take on me mode only works on LLE plugins like angrylion and the system itself. HLE plugins like Jabo, Glide64, and GLideN64 will not work with it as of now


File nameFile typeSize
gesonic.zipZip archive data15.28 MBInfo
image.pngPNG image data8.51 kBInfo


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