007 Bond Racer in DKR
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Author: SubDrag

Date: June, 2 2018

Category: DKR Models

Replaces: Banjo (Car)


This was just an early test version of importing from SubDrag. Its not meant to be anything official. But it is the first custom character in DKR of all time. All of the files are included for you to get an idea of how to generally add a custom character.The download includes the xdelta patch as well.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuhzwJrK8jw

Only works with car vehicle while in a race. Choose Banjo at character select.


File nameFile typeSize
bond-dkr2.jpgJPEG image data91.37 kBInfo
bond_in_dkr-3.zipZip archive data92.46 kBInfo


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