DKR N64 Compatibility List
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Author: Sixty Four

Date: November 9, 2018

Category: DKR General

Cart: (Tested Everdrive 3.0)


Yoshi's Racing Story - Yes
Gliese Boneyard - Yes
DKR: GoldenEye - Yes
DKR Community Track Pack - Yes
Volcano - Yes
Everglades - Yes
Pterospace - Yes
Mad Monster Mansion - Yes
DKR Ocarina of Time - Yes
Big Boo's Haunt - Yes
Tiptup Choir - Yes
Green Saturn - No - Yes on Community Pack
Blue Streak Road - No - Yes on Community Pack
Sunfire Sanctum - Yes
Doom Base - Yes
Dino Valley - Yes
Coockie Test Track - No - Yes on Community Pack
Froggy Haze - Yes
Rainbow Road- Yes
Big Donut - No
Moonstation- No
SubDrag Test Track- Yes


Diddy Kong Racing Levels

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