Sunfire Sanctum
Sunfire Sanctum
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Author: Sixty Four

Date: April 27, 2018

Category: DKR Levels

Level: Ancient Lake



Title : Sunfire Sanctum
Date Completed : 5-6-18
Filename : Sunfire.xdelta
Author : Sixty Four
Email Address : moc.liamg|mekun46ekud#moc.liamg|mekun46ekud

Misc. Author Info : I used original Doom textures from Doom 64 and worked with GZDoom Builder to create the layout of the track model.
Before putting it into Blender. I made this so that I could test more fetures and more game mechanics.

Tested: Taj giving the balloon at the end of a race/ what makes it work on the N64.

Description : A Sanctum temple with Doom 64 hellish textures.

Additional Credits : Goldeneye Setup Editor. GzDoom Builder. Blender. And people/places who support DKR.

  • Play Information *

Race Type: : Standard Race
Adventure Mode : Yes (Taj Gives the Ballon in adventure mode)
Tracks Mode : Yes
Multiplayer : Yes (No battle mode of course lol)
New Sound : No
New Music : No
New Textures : Yes
Vehicle(s) : Car/Hovercraft
Emulator Compatible : Yes (Project 64 used for Testing)
N64 Compatible : Yes (Everdrive 64 V3 used for testing)

  • Construction *

Base : From Scratch made in GZDoom Builder and modified in Blender.
Editor(s) used : DKR Setup Editor
Known Bugs : I think on hardware some of the textures can show minor visual issue?
Possibly due to the Doom 64 textures being a lot more define than the standard DKR textures. Not sure yet.

Important Notes : The Intro before race is sort of long, but I'm still discovering that mechanic.

Installation : Apply an xdelta patch to the xdelta file and run the rom on your choice of hardware.


File nameFile typeSize
image.jpgJPEG image data254.51 kBInfo
sunfiresanctum[sixtyfour].zipZip archive data47.3 kBInfo


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