Timber's Day Off
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Author: Sixty Four

Date: 7-17-20

Category: DKR-Levels

Level: Various



Title : Timber's Day Off
Date Completed : 7-15-20
Filename : Timbers-Day64.xdelta
Replaces Level: Various
Author : Sixty Four
Email Address : moc.liamg|mekun46ekud#moc.liamg|mekun46ekud

Description :
3 new levels and a remix of one of my old levels, that I made to get back into the gear of DKR.
I used these quickly made tracks to learn and help update the editor with more features as well as testing planes more.

Timber is returning from his day off, his pals challenge him to some more races.

Levels Featured:

Snowfall Mountain, Replaces Ancient Lake: Snowy/Slopes level Vehicles: Car/Hover

Space Rain, Replaces Fossil Canyon: A space level with rain and puddles Vehicles: Car/Hover/plane

Froggy Haze, Replaces Jungle Falls: Remix to my original custom track (And to make more room) Vehicles: Car/Hover

Tubeway Cave, Replaces Hot Top Volcano: An older cave style quick track that I never released Vehicles: Car/Hover/Plane

Additional Credits :

SubDrag for creating the editor and original work.
Carnivorous for updates to the editor
Mosky2000 for amazing music tips and help.
Rareware and its individuals for making these amazing games.

  • Play Information *

Race Type: : Standard
Adventure Mode : Yes
Tracks Mode : Yes
Silver Coin Challenge : Yes
New Sound : Yes -level names
New Music : Yes -Midis From Sonic3D, Snowboard Kids, and Crash Bandicoot
New Textures : No
Vehicle(s) : Car/hover/Plane
N64 Compatible : Yes

  • Construction *

Base : All new levels from scratch
Editors Used: GoldenEye Setup Editor, Blender
Known Bugs :

Important Notes : Report any bugs you can find thanks.

Installation : Apply a xdelta patch to the xdelta file and run the rom on your choice of software or N64 console.


File nameFile typeSize
TDO64.jpgJPEG image data235.3 kBInfo
Timbers-Day-Off64.zipZip archive data502.85 kBInfo


GoldenEye Main
Perfect Dark Main
Diddy Kong Racing Main
Jet Force Gemini Main
Mickey's Speedway USA Main
Pokemon Snap Main
Super Smash Bros. Main

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