Add Co-op Ally

Author: Dragonsbrethren

Date: August 24, 2008

Category: GE Action Blocks


These are Natalya's action blocks from Jungle slightly modified to be usable in any stage. Debug comments have been added to show where to add/change things but the blocks will work without any modification provided you import them to the same block numbers.

Block-specific information:

0407, 0409, 040B:
These blocks require no modification.

This is the block you need to assign to the guard. It also has a text string displayed at the start of the mission, a debug comment is in its place, be sure to use a string that is actually loaded for the stage you are modifying.

This block has several taunts for when the guard kills an enemy, they have been replaced by comments. There is also a concern string for when Bond's health is below a certain amount, again replaced by a comment. This block uses objective bits 00000200 so be sure not to use those for any other purpose in your setup.

Line 29 of this block sets the guard's default 2328 preset. In Jungle this present is right next to Natalya so pick something close to your guard's starting position.


File nameFile typeSize
allyguard[dragonsbrethren].zipZip archive data2.16 kBInfo


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