Add Scientist

Author: Dragonsbrethren

Date: November 11, 2008

Category: GE Action Blocks


These currently need to be imported to 0407-040B and 1000.

Assign 0407 to your scientists.

Three presets in 040B need to be changed, they're marked with a comment, all three should use the same preset. This is where the scientist will flee to and fade away.

There are two -Remove for civilian- comments, these are right before an action that will cause the scientist to pull out a DD44 or throw a grenade. Remove the action under these comments if you want civilians, unless you don't mind them packing heat.

You'll need to add guard ID's to 1000 for your scientists, decide on how many can be killed, and set the failure bits.

I haven't tested these extensively yet, so let me know if you encounter any problems.


File nameFile typeSize
scientistactions.zipZip archive data1.44 kBInfo


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