Alarm Guards

Author: Dragonsbrethren

Date: November 12, 2008

Category: GE Action Blocks


These currently need to be imported to 040C-040F and 1001.

The guard ID's in 040C-040E will need to be changed to ones available in your mission.

1001 plays the stage's X track, this probably won't be appropriate for some stages, it can be removed if you need to.

Make sure the ID's checked in 1001 match the ones you gave your guards.

The presets the guards are spawned in 1001 at should be changed. The original uses the same preset for all three guards but it'll work fine if you assign them to different presets.

You can also change which guards spawn in 1001.

The probability of the armor value and weapon(s) given to each guard are in 040F

Like the scientist blocks, let me know if you have any problems with these.


File nameFile typeSize
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