Ambush Guards

Author: Dragonsbrethren

Date: November 18, 2008

Category: GE Action Blocks


There is only one block to import and only one preset to change. The preset should be near your guard you want to ambush; the action checks if you've entered the room with that preset and makes any guard with this action run to Bond's position. You'll want to make sure the $06 actions are updated to return to whatever block you import this to.

This block works best for areas where guards should be able to see you, such as large open windows, but can't. I originally wasn't going to even bother looking at this one, but when I did I liked how the guards react differently based on how they're alerted, so I cleaned it up so I could use it in the Grid in place of my original ambush block.


File nameFile typeSize
ambushaction.zipZip archive data232 BytesInfo


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