Author: Dragonsbrethren

Date: June 1, 2009

Category: GE Action Blocks


Bond used for the kill, and then set an objective bit if he "killed" that guard rather than knocking them out. It works, but there are a number of small problems you should be aware of:

1. A block is needed that checks for each civilian's death.
2. The default way of checking for civilian/scientist deaths, using action F7, is no longer valid.
3. The block that sets the objective to failed will grow to a ridiculously large size if more than one guard needs to be checked.
4. Civilians' bodies will still fade away as if they had died (because they are dying). It might be worth the trouble to respawn them after a few minutes, if you want them to get back up like knocked out guards did in TWINE.

As such, this is better suited to maps where only one person needs to be knocked out, rather than a map crammed with scientists, or worse yet, allowing any guard to be knocked out.

Here is a demo patch and the action files that can be imported. They can be placed in any 1XXX block, and should be usable in any mission once the objective bits are tweaked.

Just choose Runway and try slapping a few guards. Then blast one with the PP7 and see what happens. You'll fail as soon as you kill one of the six civilians scattered about the map.


File nameFile typeSize
knockout.zipZip archive data3.16 kBInfo


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