Alfredo Lamberra 1.1
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Author: SilverEye

Date: April 24, 2015

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Various


Alfredo Lamberra
Full Mission Campaign

Author: SilverEye

Date: April 24th, 2015
Edited: January 29th, 2018 (by Wreck)


Featuring 20 fresh solo levels, with different guards, different objects, different skies, different music, and more! Based on Goldeneye 64's original levels, but still a new experience for everyone who enjoyed the classic Goldeneye, and also a possible treat for first-timers!
Discover the entirely new story, with quirky characters and menacing villains, a plot that runs through the game as if it were a giant chase, the mysteries, the tension,…
You'll be delighted to see the many nods and parodies of other great classics in literature, gaming, cinema, etc, as you progress through Alfredo Lamberra's adventure.
This game has three main stories. The first 9 levels form the "classic" story, and are like a reboot of the older levels that you can still find on this site. The 7 levels after that make up the "prologue", which, obviously, zooms in on what happened before the "classic" storyline. The 4 final levels are part of the "epilogue", which takes place one year after the "classic" story.
I have to admit, some levels are quite a heavy challenge, but I hope most of all that you'll have a great time while playing this pack!

-Because this ROM was heavily modified, it is important that you use the right settings while playing on an emulator, otherwise the game will lag horribly. Check out the FAQ on this site to find which specific things you'll need to adjust—-it takes less than a minute!
-I have no idea whether or not this works on an actual console, so please don't murder me if it doesn't!
-I would not recommend to try out multiplayer, as I even removed stuff from that section to make more room for the solo campaign. Will likely crash/not load.
Some level-specific notes:
-A substantial amount of levels cannot be completed while using the infinite ammo cheat. This is because the player often needs to collect a weapon or ammunition as part of the mission, and those can't be collected if you have infinite ammo already!
-Because every original level is replaced by a different one, you might still see traces of the original level appear in a few stages, but only things that happen in the background. For example, in the 'Holodrum' mission, you sometimes see water flowing through the clipping. These do not disturb the gameplay or crash the game and sometimes even look quite atmospheric!
-Some minor texture problems may occur in a few levels, but most of the time, this only happens when a large combination of cheats is used.


Many thanks to the whole Goldeneye 64 community, of which many members have supported me during the creation of this level pack. It sure wasn't a swift process, and all the nice words and help that I have received really kept me going. Special thanks to the creator of the OHMSS midi, which was used in the pack's intro and watch menu.
I'm especially grateful to SubDrag as well, who helped me out countless times. Seriously, the pack would not have been completed without his assistance. He also co-created the great program that allowed me to make these Goldeneye dreams come true, along with the legendary Wreck and Zoinkity.
And of course, thank YOU for playing!

Edit notes…

Holodrum Mission…
Fixed Fabrizia watch briefing (crashed console).
Changed bitflags on keycards.
Added rename text to keycards.
Converted truck to vehicle type (crashed console?).
Truck immune to gunfire.
Moved first keycard on top of crate.
Changed large security door bitflags and operating data (crashed console).
Made large security doors one-way locks.
Added an armour and changed bitlfags.
Made plants have no collisions.
Plants also invincible and projectiles go through.
Tweaked drone gun data.
Disabled auto-aim on Potano, set his health and armour.
Unset elevator door locks in Potano opens them.
Included tests to see if Potano has died.
Slightly reduced super soldier armour.
Edited certain briefing text.
Boosted texture memory.

Imported the unused LoptionsE text file.
Also renamed Q Watch to reflect the character change.


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