K.I.L.L.E.R. vs. Vendetta: Expanded Edition 1.5.2
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Author: Johnny Thunder

Date: December 30, 2017

Category: Solo Levels

Level: All


Problems Fixed 1.5.2: some things like the profile photo of Plastro
and other things
Problems fixed in update 1.5.1:
The crashes in Station Level fixed
Fixed UV's in the Neck of Prof. Kirloy (Boris)

Updates in Version 1.5
Fort Plastro in multiplayer
Blue Complex arranged where he needed to paint blue

Update 1.3:
Recolor of the doors of Research and Revenge
Shotgun (guard view) fixed for the N64 Hardware
The Glasses of Joseph Franco and the Torso of Samantha Williams (3QK) fixed for the N64 Hardware very thanks to Carnivorous
M16 GA (AR33 replacing KF7) more powerful than the M16 TA (AR33)
Fixed some things of the models of the Green AR33 and Tan AR33
Pal Patch edition for Europe Rom Users Accreditation to those who tested and played my mod

Updated 1.2
Problems Fixed:
Some Green in Tan Soldiers
Some things fixed on Showdown
Text in Cheat Options
A girl in Port
A erronous guard in Station
Objetives Fixed in C.R.P.T.
"mt" increased in Field 1

Updated 1.1
Problems Fixed:
Broken Intro Camera in the first level
Adding the motorbike by Mark Kane
Damage of the AR33

What everyone expected, "K.I.L.L.E.R. vs. Vendetta: Expanded Edition" is here, now it has things that will leave you surprised! There is not much to describe about this mod, it would be better if you discover them, so as not to ruin the surprises that you have … and it is exclusive for Expansion Pak!


Yourgamerman Mexicali (in the original console)

Many thanks to:
Yourgamerman for trying my mod in the original console

Coockie1173 for suggesting me and telling me what things I should correct in my mod

Wreck for helping me in the new order of '' Mission '' and '' Part '' in my mod and in the optimization of 2 levels
Carnivorous for the orientation in the modification of my mod, optimization of models and textures, among other things

Zoinkity for the Archives Clipping Fix, Jungle with Ladder and the Expansion Pak 8 meg patch
Thanks to: Eternally Aries for the Modified Cradle map
Mark Kane for the Motorbike
Problems Fixed:
Broken Intro Camera in the first level
Adding the motorbike by Mark Kane
Damage of the AR33

Special thanks to:

SubDrag for creating the GoldenEye Setup Editor, because it was possible to do this mod, otherwise, it would not have been carried out
Programs Used:
GoldenEye Setup Editor
Solidworks 2010
Deled 3D


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