The Spy Who Loved Me 64
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Author: Various

Date: November 1st, 2020

Category: GE Campaigns

Expansion Pak: Yes

After a year and a half of production, the demo for "The Spy Who Loved Me 64" is complete. Enjoy the first 3 levels of the game, and then take a glimpse of the multiplayer roster in level 4. Level 1 will take the player to the opening scene of the movie in the Alps. Level 2 will take place in a search for answers in Egypt, and Level 3 will pit the player up against a major assassin. The project was made with a console first mentality, and has been thoroughly tested to run on N64 hardware. An Expansion Pak is required, however. The game can also be played through emulation via 1964. While it can be played on Project 64, the best performance will be on 1964. The project was a group effort by all of these contributors: VikingKingJobe, 00action, Cookie1173, TiJayFLY, Johnny Thunder, 'Zka, Corfix, Garabuyo, Some Random Guy, Mark Kane, MartinBFFan, beAfraid, gc_artuso87, Trickle, mitchysteve, Casey Mongillo, streams, Dr. Daniel316, and renegade-supreme. Special thanks goes out to: N64 Vault, Wreck, Subdrag, Max F/Baron, Goldfinger 64 Team, GoldenEye Team and, of course, the late Sir Roger Moore.

We do not own any rights to 007, James Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me, the characters in that movie, or the likeness of all actors portrayed there in. This is a fan made project, that does not wish to make any money off of it. This mod is free, and always should be. If you paid for this, you were ripped off.


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