Tomorrow Never Dies 64
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Author: TiJayFLY & Others

Date: August 1st, 2023

Category: Custom Campaigns

Expansion Pak: Yes

Tomorrow Never Dies 64 is a 13-level fan-made campaign pack for GoldenEye on Nintendo 64, based on the Bond movie of the same name.

This mod features custom levels, characters and guns crafted by members of the N64 Vault community – in addition to a specially-composed soundtrack.

The Expanded Edition adds "Countdown Critical", "Expect To Die" and "Girl Power Mode" cheats to the base game. As well, various updates have been made to levels and models since the release of the full mod.

We hope you enjoy the challenging, arcade-style experience!


BAZAAR - Golden Gyrojet - Hard - 50s
PARTY - Invincibility - Hard - 5m
LABS - Desert Eagle - Normal - 55s
PRESS - Paintball Mode - Normal - 36s
HOTEL - M16A2-M203 - Hard - 2m 45s
PARKHAUS - All Guns - Normal - 1m 40s
WRECK - No Radar (Multi) - Normal - 1m 20s
TOWER - Turbo Mode - Hard - 2m 0s
SAIGON - DK Mode - Easy - 2m 35s
STEALTH BOAT - Fast animation - Normal - 1m 10s
BRIDGE - Invisibility - Easy - 1m 30s
VOLCANO - Enemy Rockets - Easy - 5m 45s
ALASKA - Infinite ammo - Hard - 3m
END - Slow Animation - Normal - 25s

To unlock "Girl Power Mode" (play as Wai Lin), beat Boat on any difficulty
To unlock "Expect to Die" (one-hit death), beat Volcano on Normal or harder
To unlock "Countdown Critical" (timed missions), beat Alaska on Hard

- VERSION 07-23

Various updates were made since the last patch was released back in mid 2022. You'll notice some texture and model changes, as well as certain level setup adjustments. A new weapon was added in: The M16A2 machine gun variant of the grenade launcher. The killed in action theme was also replaced with a custom track. This patch is not currently in the zip file, but by itself. Don't miss it!

- VERSION 06-22

Late June saw a new patch release. The primary focus was fixing the Martini Easter Egg bonus, which was broken in 05-22. From there, some various edits were made to different maps, and to certain characters. Please refer to the changelog for details.

- VERSION 05-22

A new patch was released in May 2022. Some of these changes will have a direct impact on speedrunning in multiple levels. These include Party, Hotel, and The End (Hub). Other things are mostly cosmetic, or under the hood quality improvements that are harder to notice casually. For more details, we have included a changelog text file with this release.

- VERSION 04-22

TND64 Expanded saw an update in April 2022. It features some bug fixes, clean up, and cosmetic changes. Though minimal, it may have a possible affect on gameplay, which could result in speedrunning time differences with the previous Expanded/Original releases.


Development lead: TJ Mortimer (TiJayFLY)
Expanded release: Wreck
Guard voiceovers: Casey Mongillo
Chief Modeller: Johnny Thunder
"Rearmed" content: Hypatia
Striker Shotgun: MartinBFFan & Johnny Thunder
Additional models & assistance: MRKane & Wreck
Additional level design: SRGn64
Rogue Control Center: Eternally Aries
Refining and Remodeling: 00action
Refactoring: HackBond
Post Production: QueenAllTheWay
Ally action block: Dragonsbrethren
Proof Reader: Morrigan Aensland-Hill
Composers: DavisSimMusic, JJ MH (Ghost), Clasiku, QueenAllTheWay & Shiftclick
Character photographs: gc_artuso87
Expansion Pak support and new features: Zoinkity & Carnivorous
Testers: bamby31, Sempre.ton, S40 Games, Vibe, Yourgamerman, 007Spudman & Graslu00
Additional thanks: Coockie, Crash Overide, Flargee, loofadawg, Vikingqueenjulia, Loompa
Special mention: SubDrag


File nameFile typeSize
TND64_Expanded_07-23.xdeltaVCDIFF binary diff5.59 MBInfo
TND64Expanded-StrategyGuide.pdfPDF document2.39 MBInfo
tnd64.zipZip archive data42.75 MBInfo
tnd-vault.pngPNG image data5.85 MBInfo


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