Tomorrow Never Dies 64
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Author: TiJayFLY

Date: October 23rd, 2020

Category: Custom Campaigns

Expansion Pak: No

Welcome to version 2 of Tomorrow Never Dies 64, a 10-level single player mission pack for Goldeneye 64.


New & composed background music for Intro, Bazaar, Printworks & Parkhaus

Changed Hotel starting weapon to Taser Cell Phone

More ammo for Parkhaus!!

Re-texture of Stealth Boat

New guard sounds from a proper VA

New sound FX for BMW and Motorbike

More custom guard heads


Because this is my first solo project, you should know these things…

The levels are pretty short

The custom geometry is simple

There are a few frame dips in places

That said, I hope you enjoy the mod - it’s one heck of a challenge on Normal, and on Hard you’ll need to use some strategy to survive!


My interest in Goldeneye modding started when I played Goldfinger 64. Shortly after that, I joined The Spy Who Loved Me 64 team as a texture artist and slowly learned the complexities and workflows of the editor.

Whilst making a custom level for TSWLM, I delved deeper into action blocks and polygon limits, finally reaching the point where I felt confident enough to make a humble mod of my own.


I always felt TND deserved a better game - specifically one made in the Goldeneye engine, a frantic shooter built on intense killboxes and a great soundtrack.

TND on PlayStation was essentially a generic corridor shooter - with some scenes loosely based on the movie shoehorned in - whereas Goldeneye 64 always felt like stepping onto the set of the film itself.

This mod is positioned inbetween the two - a “corridors and killboxes” first person shooter, with as many movie moments and settings as possible!


The level geometry is entirely original, and the characters/guards have been customised for TND - but in some cases, it certainly made sense to reuse content from GE.

For example, a few of the Bond outfits in GE are basically indistinguishable from those in TND, and all the guns/cars are from the same era, so it made sense to use these ready-made optimised GE assets - with small changes such as weapon names. As it turns out, the BMW 750i from TND is actually in Goldeneye by default!

And as for the arms bazaar, well… Goldeneye literally contains an arms bazaar’s worth of military hardware in its assets - so it seemed prudent to make use of them!

However, where default models are used, I have changed textures as much as possible to suit the environment - and to set the game apart as more than just a map pack.

The music during levels contains some all-new and composed tracks, as well as some royalty-free content adapted from Bitmidi, and the briefing/watch menus are remixes of the iconic Goldeneye originals. The intro sequence uses an interpretation of the movie's theme song, and for the credits I’ve kept the original Goldeneye theme because it’s a classic.


Bazaar: Run to the left from the start, pick up the armour, shoot the helicopter guards in the back and the rest is easy. Remember to destroy the drone guns before photographing Gupta!

Party: After alerting the guards in the equipment room, run straight back out and plant the mine on the outside of the wall near the TV equipment to complete Objective C.

Labs: You can snipe most of the balcony guards from the first corner.

Press: Shoot out the door glass and clear as many guards as you can from the main area before entering it.

Tower: After stealing the knife, backtrack towards the start point before attacking Stamper. This should buy you some time before the corridor guard attacks.

Stealth Boat: Go into the computer room on the right and destroy the radar screen to complete objective A. In the main hall, stand near Gupta to trigger a cutscene then detonate the mine once the conversation is over to complete objective B. Kill Stamper and go see Wai Lin to complete the level.


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