Carry-Over Mod
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Author: Wreck

Date: September 27th, 2020

Category: GE For Fun

Expansion Pak: Yes

Though we usually say GoldenEye has twenty missions, the truth is that there are really nine. Some of those missions consist of multiple levels, while others only have one. What this mod does, is treats each mission as one level, with "checkpoints" in between. When you complete Dam, whatever you had for health, armour, weapons, and ammunition, will be copied into RAM. This data is read once you load Facility, and is then applied to your stats and inventory. You'll need to be cautious when playing a lengthy mission. The more levels that are included, the more important it is to keep your damage minimal. The powerful weaponry you can acquire can certainly make up for that, however. By the time you reach the Train, you might be packing a large assortment of firearms and explosives. But in some other levels, where Bond was captured previously, you'll need to search the map to track down your equipment again. One-off missions, such as Silo and Aztec, have had edits made to increase difficulty slightly. Be it less armour, quicker hostage execution times, or fewer bullets for legendary weapons. This mod will let you experience GoldenEye in a new way, which is always entertaining.

A few notes…

Expansion Pak is required.

When you reset or power down the game, the data from each level completion (health, armour, weapons, and ammunition) will be wiped out, as it is only stored temporarily within RAM, and not saved. It also does not matter which agent profile (save folder) you are using.

If you're playing on a completed save file, where all levels have been unlocked, you may notice that some will boot you back to the select folders if you attempt to play them. You'll need to play the first level within the mission, and advance through them one at a time. You can begin any of the nine missions, though. The reason for this is that the game is looking for the data copied out from the previous level. If nothing exists, you'd have no health or ammo.

Using the easier difficulty settings will cause you to receive more ammo than you're supposed to. The amount of ammunition you have at the end of a level is copied, and in certain levels, will be placed into an ammo crate. On Agent difficulty, you'll get twice as much as you would on 00 Agent, while Secret gives out an extra fifty percent.

Some minor changes were made for consistency. You'll actually have access to the remote mines in Dam, so they don't magically appear in Facility. If you use them up before then, they will not be available for you later. Caverns is another example. The ZMG you begin with has been removed. The reason for this is because that particular weapon was nowhere to be found in either Jungle or Control, and you can pick it up almost immediately after stepping out of the elevator. Your timed mines are also gone, but are now stored inside an ammo crate within the level. Depot has had one area of the level physically altered, but I'll leave it up to you to figure out the reason.

Should you run into any issues, please don't hesitate to inform me.

Special thanks…
SubDrag: For creating/maintaining the GE Editor.
Zoinkity: For his Expansion Pak patch.
Carnivorous: For his Footsteps patch.


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