Countdown Critical
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Author: Wreck

Date: May 28th, 2021

Category: GE For Fun

Expansion Pak: Yes

One of MI6's oldest enemies has finally found a way to get their revenge. A micro-bomb was injected inside of agent 007, which will be triggered once the timer reaches zero. However, instead of simply killing Bond outright, they wanted to give him a sporting chance. Additional time can be gained by different means. For every enemy that is eliminated, an extra three seconds will be added to the clock. Completing objectives, or even parts of them, will tack five seconds onto the timer. There is even a hidden object, called the "Time Cube", which - when destroyed by a single bullet - will freeze the clock for ten seconds. While frozen, bonus time can be stacked onto it, making it incredibly valuable. They won't be easy to find, though. Be sure to look high, low, and everywhere in between. Should 007 finish all of his missions, the explosive will be neutralized. The clock is ticking, James. Best of luck.


While some missions start with a larger timer, others do not. In these situations, it is very important to defeat enemies as you make progress. You'll need to plan out your routes in certain areas, and decide when running, or when gunning, benefits you the most.

Special Thanks:
To SubDrag, for the creation and maintenance of the GE Editor
To Zoinkity, for the Expansion Pak Patch
To Carnivorous, for the Footsteps Patch and help improving an action block
To Graslu00, for beta testing


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