Flipped MIDI
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Author: Carnivorous

Date: May 16, 2020

Category: GE For Fun

Level: All


GoldenEye 007 - Flipped MIDI

Have you ever wondered how a MIDI file would sound if you took its notes and inverted them, so that the high notes
were low and the low notes were high, while preserving the tonal distance between the notes?
Well, Andrew Huang (@andrewismusic) has, and after inverting "Für Elise" by Beethoven, he made a YouTube video of the results!
YouTuber Jon Lervold also inverted a few GoldenEye songs and I wanted to hear what it'd be like if the entire game soundtrack was invert.
I cobbled together an editor build that flipped the raw note opcodes in the MIDI binaries within the highest/lowest note range for that track.
It works a little bit differently to Andrew's original idea, though - rather than using the first note of the melody as an anchor point,
the editor simply inverts the entire range within the same octave.
It works well enough but isn't as good as Jon Lervold's method of manually setting the octave per track. Enjoy!

By using this patch you confirm that you will not sell or make any profit on the patch or resulting modified ROM
You also agree that the ROM will not be included in any emulator builds or assembled ROM sets
To apply the mod, patch in the setup editor or the xdelta patcher of your choice.

• SubDrag - GoldenEye 007 Setup Editor
• Andrew Huang/Jon Lervold - Inversion idea


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