GoldenEye 007 - Shotgun Fun Run
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Author: Wreck

Date: August 25th, 2020

Category: GE For Fun

Expansion Pak: Yes

It's time for another weapon 'X' only challenge! For this test of patience and skill, we look to a weapon that was never even made available in either the mission campaign or multiplayer, and could only be used via the All Guns cheat option. The embarrassing little brother of the superior Automatic Shotgun… the… Shotgun. It's loud, it is inaccurate from a distance, and it doesn't fire all that quickly. As it shoots five scattered projectiles, your best to use it at close range. This ensures maximum damage to your target. The reserve capacity has been greatly increased, and specific amounts of shells are assigned to the player per level. There should be plenty enough available to complete each mission, but that does not mean you should be careless with how much you're expending. Please be sure to read through the rules and guidelines below, as to not fail the run. Are you up for this new challenge? By the end of it, you might wish you just stuck with the Klobb.


In order to finish a mission, you must meet a required number of kills. You can keep track of them inside your watch, by selecting the Kill Counter item. Even if you've completed your objectives, you won't be able to trigger the final cutscene until enough enemies have been eliminated. This prevents players from simply running through levels like Archives or Bunker 2. Be prepared to make some noise.

All kills must be caused either directly or indirectly by the Shotgun. What this means is that you can use something like a fuel barrel or crate to eliminate guards, but the explosion needs to be set off by a Shotgun. However, should an enemy use an explosive device, such as a hand grenade, grenade launcher or rocket launcher, and this results in deaths, these are ruled as kills. And if you can manage to shoot a hand grenade being pulled by an enemy, than not only does it count, but you should also feel a sense of pride - or luck - in this accomplishment. Shooting dropped grenades is fine, as well.

Any object you are tasked to destroy must be done so with the Shotgun (unless noted). Alarms, surveillance cameras, radio equipment, etc. This also includes things like drone guns, padlocks, boxes, consoles, desks, and so on. When faced with an objective that requires you to use something other than the Shotgun, such as a remote mine, it is perfectly acceptable to do so. There are certain objects that can only be destroyed with an explosive, so the use of mines or grenades is fine. The bottling tanks in Facility are optional. It would take a minimum of 30 shells to destroy them all, and the mines were assigned for this very objective. Some other missions also have objects you can use gunfire to destroy (like ammo crates), but have been given mines to use, or can locate within the level. This is up to you. One final exception are the securing hatch bolts in Train. These would require an absolutely absurd number of Shotgun shells to destroy, and the inaccuracy makes it even worse. In this case, the Watch Laser is allowed (and suggested). Just don't use it for anything else. A list of exceptions is provided further down below.

The tank is not only banned, but it has been modified so the player can't even use it.

If you run out of ammunition, and have not reached the kill requirement, you must restart the mission, unless you can trick guards into killing themselves or others for you. No use of the slapper is allowed. There is no shotgun ammo available in any levels other than Statue and Caverns, where you must acquire it from a fallen enemy weapon.

Even the characters in the cast roll have joined in the Shotgun Fun Run, too. Any time you see someone brandishing a firearm, you can rest assured that it is a Shotgun.

Those of you who are able to complete the game on 00 Agent mode, including the two bonus missions, will be rewarded with a new cheat option. What could this be? You'll just have to tough it out to see for yourself.

A Special Note on Train…
After quite a bit of testing, I found that 00 Agent becomes much more difficult to complete using just the Shotgun, due to how Rare setup the action blocks regarding the ending sequence. Normally, you must kill Xenia in order to gain additional time to allow Natalya to crack Boris' password. If you do not manage to eliminate her before the shutter drops, than there simply is not enough time for Natalya to complete all the hacking objectives. I reloaded a savestate over and over trying it. Attempting to shoot her with the Shotgun after hitting Ourumov becomes a painful chore, and more often than not, you only injure her. Even if you do land a shot, the low damage it causes may not force her death. This results in a failed run. As this was already slightly unfair to begin with, I decided to alter the blocks to check if she takes any damage at all. Should she be hurt in any way, it sets a flag. This flag is checked for when the shutter drops. If it is set, you get the extra time. So it is in keeping with what Rare designed, but only requires Xenia be injured, rather than killed outright. You might still have trouble, but trust me, it is far less annoying than the original action blocks were. If you really want an added challenge, than see if you can actually take her down in time. Best of luck. The speedrunning strat of getting outside the train early is acceptable as an alternative.

A Special Note on Egypt…
Utilizing a glitch that can cause the dual Laser wielding voodoo shaman (in his third appearance only) to freeze in position until you shoot at him enough times to deplete his armour is NOT acceptable. Other ways to exploit his design can be utilized, however.


The bottling tanks can be destroyed using remote mines.

You'll need to use either timed mines or hand grenades to destroy the heavy gun emplacements and missile battery.

Plastique must be thrown into each of the fuel rooms.

Surface ii:
A remote mine needs to be placed onto the helicopter.

The illegal arms cache can be destroyed using mines.

It is strongly suggested you use the Watch Laser for the floor panel.

Your mines can be used for the ammo dump.

The armoured mainframes will require either mines or hand grenades to blow up.

Control consoles can be destroyed with your mines.

Specific Level Exit Notes…

Dam: Cannot bungee jump.
Facility: Cannot use exit doors or conveyor exit.
Runway: Cannot enter plane.
Surface i: Cannot climb ladder.
Bunker i: Cannot exit bunker.
Silo: Cannot enter exit lift.
Frigate: Cannot leave in boat.
Surface ii: Cannot enter bunker.
Bunker ii: Cannot exit bunker.
Statue: Cannot leave park.
Archives: Cannot break library windows.
Streets: Cannot exit to depot.
Depot: Cannot enter train.
Train: Cannot enter final car.
Jungle: Cannot enter exit lift.
Control: Cannot enter exit lift.
Caverns: Cannot enter exit lift.
Cradle: Cannot trigger end scene.
Aztec: Cannot trigger launch shuttle sequence.
Egypt: Cannot trigger end scene.

Special Thanks…
SubDrag: For creating/maintaining the GE Editor.
Zoinkity: For his Expansion Pak patch.
Carnivorous: For his Footsteps patch.


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