GoldenEye 007 - Survival Mode
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Author: Wreck

Date: October 13th, 2020

Category: GE For Fun

Expansion Pak: Yes

Just what is Survival Mode? It's a twist on the normal mission campaign, where your safety is key. Whenever you complete a level, your health and armour are carried over to the next. If you die, you lose a life. You begin with five on Agent, four on Secret, and three on 00 Agent & 007. Your lives are displayed at the lower left corner whenever you begin a level. Should you run out of lives, your progress will be reset all the way back to the start. You have the option of returning to a previously completed level, in an attempt to finish it with more health and/or armour, if you're having trouble. Should you manage to complete Egypt, the game will roll over to the Dam, and you will be awarded with a bonus life (maximum of seven lives total). Each difficulty is its own challenge, and does not affect any other. You can't beat Jungle on 00 Agent, then switch to Agent for Control to try and make things easier. Test yourself and see how far you can make it. Do you have what it takes to survive?

The only level playable from the start of a new session is the Dam. Choosing any other level will automatically boot you back to the select screen. You need to play through the campaign from beginning to end. Once the game has been shut off or reset, your survival progress will be lost. The data is copied temporarily to RAM, and thus does not save.

If you run into any serious issues, please contact me. The N64 Vault Discord channel is a good place to do so. I've had the mod tested by a few people, and nothing horrible has happened during their play sessions. That doesn't mean something couldn't occur, so keep that in the back of your mind if you do come across anything weird or game breaking.

Remember, you'll never be able to replenish your health, but armour can be found throughout the campaign. There is less and less of it on harder difficulties, so make sure to seek it out and use it wisely (in cases where multiple are present in one level).

It'd be a wise decision to have as much armour as possible at the end of Egypt, as once you have completed it, you can not go back. You'll have to start over at Dam, and progress through the campaign all over again.

Special thanks…
SubDrag: For creating/maintaining the GE Editor.
Zoinkity: For his Expansion Pak patch.
Carnivorous: For his Footsteps patch.


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