GoldenEye 007: Ghost Edition
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Author: Carnivorous

Date: June 11, 2020

Category: GE For Fun

Level: All


GoldenEye 007: Ghost Edition

The same GoldenEye 007 you love but with all characters invisible.
Shadows, held weapons and worn glasses\hats are the only visible component for characters.

By using this patch you confirm that you will not sell or make any profit on the patch or resulting modified ROM
You also agree that the ROM will not be included in any emulator builds or assembled ROM sets
To apply the mod, patch in the setup editor or the xdelta patcher of your choice.

SubDrag - GoldenEye 007 Setup Editor


File nameFile typeSize
GoldenEye_007_Ghost_Edition.zipZip archive data835.01 kBInfo
logo.pngPNG image data441.54 kBInfo


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