GoldenEye - King of the Hill
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Author: RT37

Date: January 5th, 2024

Category: GE For Fun

Expansion Pak: Yes

GoldenEye 64 with King of The Hill Characters.


GoldenEye King of The Hill

version 0.98 NEW update for 2024

A mod by RT37 (aka picardsfish on Moddb)

A total conversion that changes the story, locations, characters and others to those of the Fox animated sitcom 'King of The Hill'

Now updated to version 0.98 (or 1.3)

New Features include:

Two new weapons + Pocket Sand for Taser

New Dialogue in places

Two additional boss characters

Collectable Token on most stages (Accept the inevitability of death as the consequence of life)

More cartoon-like textures

New guard face (Asian Hank)

New Music on one stage (remixed from Sega Genesis version of T2 Arcade)

Ally/Comrade for Hank on an additional stage

Increased enemy placements and some reaction times

Thanks to Wreck for the blood .ips patch

Some models and textures borrowed from N64 vault and its users.

Thanks to:

Johhny Thunder (for various but especially the Plasma 40 watt)

Crash Overide (Falcon, various)

Wreck (microwave, various)

Grassluu for trumpet (from spookyeye)

HackBond for help with Ally/Comrade setup

TND64 team for female model (likely made by Johnny Thunder but I'm not sure)

check out their stuff at

Uses footsteps v53 by Carnivorous with Zoinkity and SubDrag

Made with GoldenEye Setup Editor originally by SubDrag, Wreck And Zoinkity:

Thanks to HackBond, Wreck and Kawamikaze for advice on how to use the setup editor.

Textures/assets sourced from King of the Hill, Beavis & Butthead, Daria, Paramount Animation, Perfect Dark GB, Eurocom, Crystal Castles, Chuck Mangione, Jean-Claude Lord, various other animated programs/movies, and varied sources(television, google, etc), etc

To do: Make some of the textures on faces, hands more consistent.

I will likely update this again in the future.

Vaya Con Dios.


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