GoldenEye With Mario Characters
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Author: StupidMarioBros1Fan

Date: January 11, 2018

Category: Levels

Level: All


Created by StupidMarioBros1Fan with help from Graslu00, Carnivorous, Sogun and Wreck.

Tested on Emulator and Console by both StupidMarioBros1Fan and Graslu00.

v2.001 Changelog included in download as a lot of stuff has been fixed, improved & changed.


Use the GoldenEye Setup Editor or XDelta UI and apply the proper XDelta file to a clean GoldenEye 007 (NTSC-U) ROM
Download XDelta UI -
Download the GESetup Editor -


This mod replaces all of the characters with ones from the Mario universe along with edited dialog to make more sense with the characters. For example there is no mention of Trevelyan/Luigi's parents being Lienz Cossacks and instead of calling James Bond/Mario the "Golden Boy" he says the "Golden Bro." Other changes include the dialog where Mario meets Natayla/Peach as Mario doesn't straight up say he's a spy to her.
The Briefing is edited to not only replace the names, but also with slightly different text. Not much, but there are small differences. Moneypenny/GoldCoin however actually has some different dialog such as mentioning that there is a girl in the cell next to you for Bunker 2. However the story itself is mainly the same as the original, with all Levels playing out basically the same as the original. Various changes have been made to work better with the new character sizes as well as be a better gameplay experience, with some unused stuff added back in like the various X Themes being in all levels except for Surface 1 because that level doesn't have one. More details and changes are explained in the Changelog.

James Bond -> Mario
Natayla Simonova -> Peach
Alec Trevelyan -> Luigi
Xenia Onnatop -> Daisy
Arkady Ourumov -> Bowser
Boris Grishenko -> Yoshi
Dimitri Mishkin -> Donkey Kong
Valentin Zukovsky -> Wario
May Day -> Pauline,
Oddjob -> Toad
Jaws -> Waluigi
Baron Samedi -> Rainbow Bowser, the Powered-Up version of Bowser from Super Mario 64.

Soldiers/Civilians/Scients -> Koopa Troopas
Heads are now different expressions to make use of the Random Head system, hats/helmets are replaced with tiny models & Bounding Boxes of 0 because they would get hit first despite being inside the head. Thought about making them sunglasses, but it'd still get hit first before the back of the head did and overall was unfairly annoying.
Mishkin/Donkey Kong is no longer the Defense Minister, that role now goes to May Day/Pauline with Donkey Kong being the Head of Special Forces. This was done to give Pauline a role in the story, as well as explain why the "Great Guards" use DK's body.
Dr Doak is now Oddjob/Toad to give him some sort of role in the story, as a result the idea of Toad "blending in" with the other scientists is ridiculous.


Custom/Edited Models by StupidMarioBros1Fan
Models imported into game by StupidMarioBros1Fan
How Tall & How Far Above Ground by StupidMarioBros1Fan
Bounding Boxes by Graslu00 & StupidMarioBros1Fan
Custom POV for Single Player by Carnivorous
Custom POV for Mulitplayer by StupidMarioBros1Fan
Animation Edits by StupidMarioBros1Fan
Custom Portrait Pictures by StupidMarioBros1Fan
Lighting Fixes for First-Person Models by Carnivorous
Rendering Fixes by Carnivorous
Level & Text Edits by StupidMarioBros1Fan
Silver & Gold PP7 3rd-Person models ported from GoldenEye X by StupidMarioBros1Fan
Testing on Actual Hardware by Graslu00
Peach's Castle, Bob-omb Battlefield & Big Boo's Haunt ported to rom by StupidMarioBros1Fan

HUGE Thanks to:

Graslu for Help, Testing and Advice
Carnivorous for Help and Advice
Sogun for the Multiplayer Maps and Advice
SubDrag, Zoinkity, Wreck, Trevor, 00action & others for the GoldenEye Setup Editor
Wreck & Carnivorous for helping me get the Silver & Gold PP7 Pickup models to load in game.

Links: - for more GoldenEye 007 & Perfect Dark mods as well as other N64 games - My YouTube channel for mods of multiple games - Graslu00's channel for videos on various GE007 & PD mods


The gameplay demos that play at the end of the Startup sequence are kind of broken as a result of Mario's POV being lower, actual gameplay is fine.
As a result of most characters being sized to 2.0 instead of 1.0 (allows the guns to look bigger in their hands) a lot of characters run slowly in Single Player. This mainly means that Koopa Troopas take forever to go to places and won't sneak up on you as quick, however specific Koopas have been edited to run instead of walk/jog. Peach is sized at 1.0 so she moves at the same speed as Natayla, don't have to worry about her being slower. Toad is horribly slow thankfully though his only role in Single Player is to give you the Door Decoder in Facility which does not require walking on his part. Multiplayer is completely fine, all characters move at normal speed due to being controlled by players.
Train on 00 Agent has been rebalanced to be easier to complete, more info in Changelog.
For Multiplayer: Bowser, Rainbow Bowser, Rosalina with Professor Egad or a Female Koopa Trooper are the most "expensive" characters to use as when combined, they use a lot of textures & just have a lot of triangles in general. While they don't crash the game, don't be surprised if they slow the game down especially if the map itself uses a lot of textures too.


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