RickRollEye 64
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Author: Johnny Thunder

Date: April 1st, 2019

Category: For Fun

Level: Various


RickRollEye 64:
my new mod of GoldenEye 64 related with memes, dank memes, Valve references, and more, i work it in like 1 year, 4 months,
since January 1st of 2018, this was one of my most complex mods of GoldenEye 64 ever made, in this mod has now new textures,
new characters, new sounds, new music, new geometry of levels, new color for the watch menu, etc. Enjoy this mod and have fun! Only for own use, NOT for sale

Update 2.0:
new portal sound shot
android version added in normal and australium edition
australium edition makes all guns unto golden tone (except detonator)

New more crazy sounds in the 10th level
Fixed soda machine textures
Fixed new sounds about some bugs

Update 1.2.6:
New music for multiplayer
Crazy sounds at the 6th level
New music on the 9th level

Update 1.2.4:
added sounds for the 10th and 13th level in 2 characters (the 10th level the audio sounds when it's killed, thanks to Pheonarx, credits)
(The 13th one the audio sounds when you are close of him)

Update 1.2.2:

Increased sound of the "modem" on the 1st level
Sound is the destroyed sentries added to the 2 missing ones on the 13th level

Update: version 1.2:

bugs fixed:
new mp death music
Rescue MP door locked deleted

N64 Hardware (Everdrive 2.0/2.5/3.0): Works good
Android Emulator: Doesn't works
Wii 64/Not 64 (n64 wii emulators): works very good
Computer Emulator: Works very good

Programs Used:
GoldenEye Setup Editor 3.0/4.0/4.1
Blender 2.78/2.79
Solidworks 20XGX
Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer
Gimp 2

Credits to:

Yourgamerman Mexicali for the test on the original N64 Hardware.
CrashOveride for help for the checking of the english of my mod, test it in the original N64 console, and in some custom models/textures/sounds.
Goldfinger 64 team for use as reference the fedoras model/textures.
GoldenEye 64 Team for create the game.
CHlindin for some midis from his mod of Custom Music. (he know what midis)
Wreck for some mirrored levels from GoldenEye 64 Mirror mode.
SubDrag for created the editor.
Carnivorous for the v11/v12 footsteps patch and the editor 4.0/4.1.
Zoinkity for the 7mb + 1mb for special modifications.
.JaceLeon. for some midis (he know what midis i refering).
S40 Games for test on the original N64 Hardware.
BMW for the Countyard MP level.
Monkeyface for the Iceworld/Matrix MP level from GoldenEye 64: Counter-Strike mod.
Valve for some textures/sounds/models from Half-Life, Day Of Defeat, Team Fortress Classic, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike 1.6.
Eurocom for the TWINE weapons/levels/textures/models/props
Koei for the Winback: Covert Operations weapons
Rick Astley
Butch Hartman
Gerard Butler
Gabe Newell
Kevin Spacey
Shigeru Miyamoto
Thomas F. Wilson
Bob Gale
Robert Zemeckis
George Lazenby
Steven Harwell
William Steig
John Paul Larkin
Eduard Khil
Eddy Wally
Snoop Dugg
Universal Studios

and the rest…

Credits for use his face as Guards:

AL64 (include his 3 random faces)
El Risitas
S40 Games

for report bugs of the mod, go to my discord… link: https://discord.gg/p3Hcx95

Enjoy it!


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RickRollEye_64_2.0(Johnny).zipZip archive data29.93 MBInfo
RickRollEye_64_v1.2.8.5.zip (old)Zip archive data9.5 MBInfo


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