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renders made by crash, edit made by graslu

Author: CrashOveride

Date: November 2, 2018

Category: For Fun Mods


SpookyEye by CrashOveride
(This mod was designed to be terrible and was made in three days)
Almost All Characters replaced by skeletons
New trumpet model made by graslu00(in 3-4 minutes lol)
thats it

Carnivorous model made by, well, Carnivorous
PD GBC Joanna textures made by Graslu00
Instrument help by graslu00
Joanna body ported by Wreck
textures used for trumpet made by SEGA
Skeleton model made by valve


File nameFile typeSize
spooky2.pngPNG image data331.55 kBInfo
Spookyeye.zipZip archive data1.24 MBInfo


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