ToastyEye 64 2.2
ToastyEye 64 2.2
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Author: Johnny Thunder

Date: December 31, 2017

Category: GE For Fun



Upgrade of ToastyEye 64 V2.2!!!
Problems Fixed:
Janus Marine "Geddan Bug" Fixed

A new GoldenEye 64 mod, perfect for '' For Fun Mods '', replacing James Bond with Dan Forden, Except 007, and a bit of '' Toasty! Toasty! To To To! To To Toasty !, among other things

Thanks to Yourgamerman for giving me an idea of a crazy mod and '' Botanon ''

Thanks to:
Ducc for the new canon for the Sniper rifle

Special Thanks to SubDrag for creating the GoldeEye Setup Editor


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