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Author: ZKA

Date: December 26th, 2020

Category: GE For Fun

Expansion Pak: Yes

Happy holidays! To provide something GE related for Christmas, I decided to create XmasEye. A mod that replaces all guards with santa suits, and most guards with santa hats. All crates/boxes are replaced with presents, and all exterior levels have been retextured to a snowy environment (Dam, Runway, Statue, Streets, Depot, Jungle). This mod took approximately 2 days to create, with help from several people. Don't take this mod serious, this was created just to have something for Christmas, since nobody has ever done this to my understanding. There is no specific Christmas level or mod out there.

Special thanks to:

Wreck, for the original santa suit guard model

Graslu, for the santa hats and blue/green present boxes

Flargee, for fixing a bug with the metal crate stack

Zoinkity, for the expansion pak patch

Carnivorous, for the footsteps patch

Thanks for playing, and happy holidays!



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GoldenEye Main
Perfect Dark Main
Diddy Kong Racing Main
Jet Force Gemini Main
Mickey's Speedway USA Main
Pokemon Snap Main
Super Smash Bros. Main

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