Goldeneye Mission Image Creator

Author: loofadawg, Cobradile

Date: June 5, 2020

Category: GE Guides


Goldeneye Mission Image Creator v1.3

- By loofadawg and Cobradile

Does not really need a video tutorial but here you go anyways:

You will need to install Imagemagick in order for the batch file to work.
Get it from the website:

This will convert any image into a format compatible with Goldeneye's mission screen photos

Just enter the name and pick Grayscale

Files supported: png, jpg, tga, gif, tiff

Try to use a fullscreen image and crop out any unwanted artifacts from the emulator.
A sample image is included. It is 320x240 but any size should do just try to maintain a good
aspect ratio. Trial and error.

For no real reason, you can opt to have the images exported in colour instead of grayscale.


File nameFile typeSize
Mission_Images_Creator_v1_3.7zNo description153.01 kBInfo


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