A Level Too High
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Author: ZKA

Date: June 2, 2020

Category: GE Solo Levels


Next level following the Janus storyline. A direct sequel to Outpost, Bond has
infiltrated the outpost facility and must now follow instructions by MI6. What seems to be a weapons manufacturing complex, but also a facility that holds chemical gas, is believed to be a hideout for Janus. Q believes that there is another level underneath the facility where Alec Trevelyan and Xenia Onatopp are located. To confront and stop Trevelyan, Bond must find out how to get to that underground level. Bond thought he got Trevelyan where he wants him, but it seems he is a level too high.

Special thanks to)

Ryan Dwyer, for helping with the gas animation action block I used for the guards.

Coockie1173, help with a camera issue and mission picture

Loofadawg, for testing on real hardware

Thanks for playing!

May 29th, 2020


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