Antenna Cradle
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Author: Eternally Aries

Date: November 12, 2013

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Cradle


Hello everyone. I like to release a level that been in the works for little more then 4 years.

Its called Antenna Cradle. Yes this is the same Cradle from Goldeneye, but much better then the original.
The project was started by DF Ank1, he made the model and worked on it for quite some time.
If you wanna see what the older Antenna Cradle looked like, here a link to it.

Anyway I've decided to take on this project again. To release a better looking update.
The level been completely changed for the better. Here the change log.

Fog been reduce, allowing you to see the whole cradle now.

Object fog been reduce as well. Allowing you to see guards from one tower to the other. Making the whole level in action!

The Ground model been completely fix up, I've deleted useless unseeable polygons.
I resize all the mountains on the model. So the mountains are not as steep anymore.
Added brand new textures to the ground model. Making it look a lot better.

The circle in the middle, been lowered to allow a wall around it. Making the grassy mountains no need to be clipped anymore.
New objects been added into the 3 cradle rooms. Making them less empty and more useful.
Added a locked door to the very bottom of the cradle hole.

Other then that, everything remains the same. Objects are left the same. Besides the computer you have to destroy been moved to a different spot in the same room.
So now it blends in with the room.

Please leave me a Private Message on Shootersforever, if you found any problems with the level.

Anyway I hope you all enjoy this level.

Console notes…
Due to the massively increased distance of the level fog, the map had issues on console. The area of the actual background could only be seen within a smaller portion of the screen, almost framed off by the sky. Also, things appeared to be rendering inside out. Because of this, the Antenna Cradle was pretty much unplayable on an N64. A modified version has been created in an alternative patch, for those who do want to play on console. There is still fog, but you can make out the surroundings through it. You will encounter various issues, however. Zooming in with a sniper rifle will have a similar effect to the Runway, but worse. Certain far away large polygons fight to render, and will flicker against the sky. This level is huge with the added backdrop, even going past the min/max range for X and Z dimensions. There isn't a whole lot that can be done to get this showing up nicely. The further away you set the fog, the more issues you begin to face. The console version has changes made to the skyblock (fog and concavity), as well as a few minor edits to the background file (only the new backdrop display list). Memory for background data was increased, but don't be surprised to see some portions missing for a moment or two when first coming into sight. Every room is rendered, as there are no portals. Also expect a bit more lag than the original Cradle from vanilla GoldenEye.


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