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Author: Zka

Date: December 25th, 2018

Category: GE Solo Levels

Level: Caverns

Expansion Pak: Yes

Here's the updated version of Arctic, enjoy!

Special thanks to:

- Zoinkity/Pavarini, for the expansion/footsteps patch

- Wreck, for the bathroom urinal, toilet and sink model props

- Crashoveride, for the greyscale image and for testing


a) Destroy primary pump controls
b) Destroy secondary pump controls
c) Destroy Janus' personal vehicles
d) Obtain Crystal sample
e) Deactivate communications console
f) Locate an escape route

~ Thanks for playing and
Happy Holidays!


File nameFile typeSize
ArcticUpdated2.zipZip archive data740.23 kBInfo
ArcticUpdated.zipZip archive data742.29 kBInfo
Screenshot_3.pngPNG image data370.84 kBInfo


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