Aztec Complex (Dragonsbrethren)
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Author: Dragonsbrethren

Date: December 31, 2008

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Complex


GoldenEye 007 - Aztec Complex Mission
Created by Dragonsbrethren
Version 1.0 - December 30th, 2008


1. Description
2. Archive
3. Patching
4. Bugs
5. Credits
6. Contact

1. Description

I've wanted to make a mission in the Complex map for quite a while now, even back when I was still working on my Silo mission. I've finally gotten around to it, I purposely waited some time before working on it because I didn't want it to look like I was trying to compete with Timothy1979's Complex mission.

This mission is intended to be a sequel and tribute to the original Aztec mission. It takes place in the same ruin, after launching the shuttle Bond discovers a new part of the complex that went unseen originally. A nerve gas lab is discovered within, Bond needs to get the gas out and find the location of Drax's other launch bases before a squadron of bombers destroys the ruin.

2. Archive

This archive ( should contain the following files:



The files in the individual directory are for use with the Goldeneye Setup Editor and can be ignored if you simply want to patch your ROM and play.

3. Patching

Just patch dbcomplex.ips to a US GoldenEye ROM in .z64 format with your favorite IPS patching program or the Goldeneye Setup Editor. If the mission doesn't work your ROM is most likely in the wrong format, a few programs exist that can convert it for you, including the Setup Editor.

After patching, if you're using Project64, you'll need to change the game settings to get it running as good as the original. Right click on your ROM in the game list, or go to Options -> Settings -> Rom Settings while the game is running, and chose "Edit Game Settings." Change the settings to the following:

·CPU core style: Recompiler
·Self-modifying code Method: Change Memory & Cache
·Memory Size: 4 MB
·Advanced Block Linking: Off
·Default Save type: Use First Used Save Type
·Counter Factor: 2

·Larger Compile Buffer ·Use TLB
·Register caching
·SP Hack

Then reset the game if it was running, and the mission should run as good as the originals. These settings aren't needed for Mupen64 but it also won't run the game as smoothly as Project64 does. The preferred plugin for this level is Glide64 "Napalm", it can do the awesome red sky perfectly and the colored lighting will work on guards and your guns as intended.

4. Bugs

I wouldn't consider it a bug, but if you break the gas vials in the lab there will be no visual indication that the gas has been released. The gas originally changed the sky to a bright green and made the fog thicker, like in Facility, but unfortunately Dam uses its second sky for cutscenes. Obviously I didn't want the entire map to fill with gas during the introduction and ending, so I ended up making the second sky identical to the first one.

This could be solved by moving the mission one slot over, to Facility's, but I didn't think it was worth all the time it would've taken to update every text string to use the ones loaded with Facility. Besides, the gas in the Moonraker film was clear anyway.

Another minor thing, if a guard follows you into the duct leading to the lab area they won't crouch down as intended. I suppose I never should have run the path network through the duct, but it's too late to go back and fix that now.

5. Credits

These are people I thought deserved some credit for helping to make this mission possible:

·Wreck: Came up with the original idea of having an Aztec sequel in the Complex map. I deviated from his original plan quite a bit, but this was definitely inspired by it. Wreck also offered to test the mission, but I must've sent the beta out to him too late.

·Lenophis: Tested a few betas, made a few suggestions, and insured that the difficulty level was reasonable for me.

And this should go without saying, but credit goes to Rare for the original game, and everyone involved in the creation of the Goldeneye Setup Editor.

6. Contact

Should you find any issue with this hack feel free to contact me about it.

·Email: moc.liamg|nerhterbsnogard#moc.liamg|nerhterbsnogard

©2008 Dragonsbrethren Industries


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dbcomplex.zipZip archive data5.51 MBInfo
image.jpgJPEG image data46.54 kBInfo


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