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Author: KCGHost

Date: July 9, 2007

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Many


Beta Restoration Project

I have been working on a project to restore many aspects of Goldeneye considered "Beta" for quite some time now. My progress is somewhat accurately (not really, but close) detailed here:

A lot of the project involved figuring out leftover preset positions, and therefore I made alot of new discoveries of how the original stages of Goldeneye were like by figuring them out and restoring them.

Anyway, Im getting a wee bit tired of working, and am to a point where I have a lot of work that has not been released at all. Theres still text mods, some clipping mods, refinements, BG mods (which might be just too hard), texture mods and multi maps that need to be modded to complete the full ambition of the project, but right now I have 21 solo setup mods that are all mostly completed, and three clipping mods (Dam and Frigate and Silo). So Ill be nice, and release the setups and clipmods early, yet since Im also doing this out of laziness (I havent been working on this project for abit and I plan to take abit of a break from it) so this is not coming in a nice IPS patch with a 21990 mod. Oh no. Im uploading the setups and clipping files as is. Many unfinished, some you have to use codes for (if the setups are too big, replace a mission setup like facility's and use the gameshark stagemod table to make that mission load facility's setup, I have a copy of the table here:

Again, be aware they are not finished. I likely left bad start points and simple mistakes in many of the setups, some are too big, etc. The clipmods come in uncompressed and compressed, Im actually not sure what the state of the editor is with importing clipping or using it to convert a ROM, I made those clipmods with existing gameshark codes and pulling the clipping out of the memory and testing and putting it back in with a hex editor. The dam clipmod makes it so the islands accesible, the frigate clipmod helps remake the mystery doors (it was a very strange problem) and the Silo clipmod makes the entire bottom starting area accesible (setup makes Bond start in beta vent, will crash without the clipmod). I believe Zoinkity made all the clipping codes I used for them (I made them into clipping files before the editor had the clipping feature, or a visual feature for that matter, heck I havent even learned to use that very well).

Anyway thanks to Sub for his beta site which helped me out, thanks to Detstar for more beta information, and thanks to Zoinkity for codes that relate to it. Also thanks to Wreck for helping out and every other hacker in the universe for just being cool.

I must re-stress before I end this post that this project is not finished, I plan on improving and expanding on it, so don't be very critical of it. This is like the beta version of the Beta Restoration project. It gets that in-depth to where the beta project has a beta. Yeah, its that important. I feel like im ranting now, im using steak sauce mottos. Yea, umm, anyway, enjoy. If you want any reference to things changed, check the earlier link, I documented most things on the wiki. There is also a link off that link called "Beta Documentation" that lists and details every unused preset. I used most of them in the project.


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