Blind Escape
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Author: Rey

Date: June 20, 2016

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Streets


Ami: This is the team level named " The Blind Escape". Actually didn't turn out the way I planned but that is why a sequal is already in progress. This short little level will hopefully mean I can make some on my own. I'm learning a lot. The sequel I mentioned is still a team effort but I promise my 3rd will be all on my own. So, with my graphic design college class, I often must make animations and stories. How does this relate? Well I love writing, and actually the story behind this level is one I wrote for my project. My teacher rejected the concept LOL. So I came one day and asked, Rey if that story could be made in a level. He immediately took interest. Thus production started. OOH sorry for the essay LOL. Rey: Since this was canceled and restarted 4 times. I was not about to that again. Many of the concepts, action blocks, presets ECT, had to be removed for the same reason we canceled the other. Level memory. We found putting little items yet low on MT. This short level is a hard different twist. I'd say the level holds well even though so much had to be cut out. I am a bit upset since all the action Blocks I spent on….are just gone now. Well maybe. Well enjoy this more dark story line and you can expect a next part.


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