Chase for Hollis
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Author: SilverEye

Date: March 19, 2013

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Various


Finally, I can present you my 3 level-in one-patch!
The complete story is called 'The chase for Hollis'. Including:

Old depot-Alfredo, making a comeback this time, is sent on a mission where his objectives seem to be extremely unclear. Will he be able to find (the right?) person who tells him what to do?

Labyrinth-After the depot mission, where strange things happen, Alfredo wakes up in a room, leading to a labyrinth,situated on something which resembles a runway, where he will meet known and unknown characters. Should be easy to get outside of the labyrinth, but many unpleasant surprises will probably stop him from doing an easy job.

The meeting-In an old building, probably an archive or something like that, Alfredo is going to try to solve and end his crazy adventure. A person called Hollis seemed to start all this. Will a confrontation of him and Alfredo lead to a solution? What's more, this building seems to be a maze that locks up anyone who dares to enter it. Alfredo will have a hard time getting back from where he came.

All these levels are quite "strange", unusual and sometimes hard to understand. But all of them have a solution. If you have trouble, don't hesitate to ask help.
I made them harder to understand because they are simple in architecture and might feel a bit empty, but remember, they were experimental.

I created this as an experiment to see if I was able to put more than one level in one patch, before I release an even larger project, in which I think every level will be edited, except cradle.

No bugs in none of the levels, but probably some inaccurate things, because this project took a while and sometimes I seemed to have lost the track of my progress. But they shouldn't be too annoying.


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