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Author: Sixty Four

Date: January 7, 2019

Category: GE Levels

Level: Dam


Title : Chernobyl
Date Completed : 1-7-19
Filename : GE-Chernobyl.xdelta
Replaces Level: Dam
Author : Sixty Four
Email Address : moc.liamg|mekun46ekud#moc.liamg|mekun46ekud

Description :

Its better to play this level on console.

Test level to learn action blocks and details about finalizing a level.
I made the model within minutes so that I could setup some stuff.
So the level model is not great. But I learned a lot on this one.

Background Story:
It takes place underneath the Chernobyl nuclear power facility.
Plants continue to grow in this radiation zone (true fact).
My level goes on the theory that, plants here can even grow under ground
without resources and science is after the results they can obtain and abuse.

Additional Credits :

SubDrag: for making the GE editor. And helping with some questions for the setup that I had.
Coockie1173: For helping when I get questions very helpful, thanks a lot!

  • Construction *

Base : Model I made in a few minutes for testing GE functions like Action Blocks
and other finer details to finishing a level.

Important Notes :
I didn't get anyone to test play.

Installation : Apply xdelta patch to the rom and run on your choice of emulator software
or more importantly the N64 console.


File nameFile typeSize
chernobyl.jpgJPEG image data514.22 kBInfo
Chernobyl(sixty-four).zipZip archive data590.88 kBInfo


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