Chimp Caverns v1.2
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Author: Sarah ML

Date: May 2nd, 2019

Category: GE Levels

Level: Caverns


Title : Chimp Caverns
Author : Sarah ML
Email Address : moc.liamtoh|tsaLraMS#moc.liamtoh|tsaLraMS
Date Completed : 05/02/2019
Edited : 05/10/2020 (by Wreck)
Replaces Level : Caverns

A level to learn the workflow from the editor and the footsteps patch.
I'm quite hapy with how it turned out! Works on console!

Special thanks to:
My lovely programmer boyfriend helping me out with the action blocks (he's a programmer <3)
Subdrag for creating the editor
You right there, for reading this <3

Edit notes v1-2…
Updated outro action block, crashed console randomly.
Reset level scale to original.

Edit notes v1-1…
Replaced first-person transition cam, crashed console.
Added fail check for plastique misplacement.
Added completion message for plastique.
Activated and repositioned drone gun.
Amped up explosions during outro scene.
Shortened outro only slightly.
Also assigned a single DD44 to player.
Made lab table indestructible.
Edited guard dialogue alignment.
Gave intro camera proper level name.
Renamed mission location as Nigeria in folder.
Set objective names in watch.
Updated Q to not mention mines.
Cleaned up some briefing and other text.


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