Complex Mission (Wreck)
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Author: Wreck

Date: April 20, 2017

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Complex


Level: Complex Mission
Date: April 19th, 2017
Author: Wreck

This is my first full custom mission, and it uses the multiplayer map Complex as a direct sequel to Aztec. Bond must once again reprogram a stolen NASA shuttle, but also locate a sample of the deadly nerve agent that is to be unleashed upon the people of this planet. I was aiming to maintain a similar difficulty level to the Aztec, while not creating something that felt unfair, as far as guard behaviour and statistics were concerned. Some action blocks were reused from Rare, some modified, and many others built from scratch. The shuttle has been lightly modified, including a more yellow tone, and the number six painted on. The ventilation shaft door from Bunker was also edited, to utilize the Drax logo, rather than an arrow. You might also notice the nerve agent sample has a watch inventory model, which did not exist prior. Even the Complex map itself has seen some adjustments made to it. Certain connections between areas are no longer present, Drax logos and other decals have been added in, and your intro point shows that you entered from the Aztec temple ruins. There are three hidden secrets in the mission. If you discover them, their rewards may just help you out a little bit. The mission ends when the shuttle launches, but I arranged things in a way so that you shouldn't be able to complete it unless all objectives have been achieved. It may have felt buggy or unfair otherwise. Anyway, hopefully you'll enjoy playing this new mission. If any major problems are found, please report them so that they can be addressed.

Satellite imagery has discovered a secondary launch complex deeper in the heart of the Aztec ruin. Activity has greatly increased since the operation in South America began. MI6 interference with the Drax Corporation's plans must have put them into a state of unrest.

M Briefing:
Things have gone from bad to worse, 007. That unknown military payload I mentioned in the previous brief is no longer a mystery. Drax Corp has commissioned a highly powerful nerve agent, which when dispersed as a gas into the upper atmosphere, has the potential to kill millions. Locate a sample in its raw liquid form and bring it back to Q-Lab for analysis. If necessary, try coaxing one of the chemists into assisting you.

Q Branch:
I'm willing to wager that this section of the complex will have tightened their security. They may have a door lock override system to keep unwelcome visitors out of sensitive areas. If that's the case, find and disable each of the control consoles connected with the system. As for the shuttle, if you've forgotten the launching procedures already, I'll be assigning you some extensive memory exercise activities on your return.

One down and one to go, James.

(s) Disable door lock systems
(a) Reprogram shuttle guidance
(a) Find launch protocol DAT
(s) Collect nerve agent sample
(a) Launch shuttle

Created using the GoldenEye Setup Editor.


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