Conkster Control Bunker
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Author: TAKA Michinoku 9.1

Date: December 29, 2008

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Bunker 2


Level: Conkster Control Bunker
Modified Level: Bunker 2
GS Codes: None, except code list for uploading to console

HO HSIEN-KU is Dead. After being escorted to a heavily guarded safe house she was later found dead along with all of her security. A suspect is currently undergoing investigation but more evidence is required.*
M Briefing;
This is terrible 007 the Chinese Government is going crazy and are declaring War. We have to use Brains rather than brawn to figure this out. Sun Yat-sen the president of the Chinese Government has given us 24 hours to investigate. The only suspect we have is The Conkster he is the only one who could have followed her.
Also we have notes that there was a camera that caught what happened in the house. But, the video is missing take a look for it will you.*
Q Briefing;
OK 007 While inside Conksters Bunker you will require my little hacker to crack their codes and gain access to his files. Be aware that if it doesn't have DATA in its name do not use it on their mainframe it is probably highly secure this would be the only device capable of cracking it.
Also we need evidence for the Chinese to convict be sure to collect anything you can find.* Moneypenny; I Knew that EVIL X was up to no good someone should have realised when he was a friend of TAKA's. I guess TAKA pulled the wool over everybodies eyes with that one.*

a).Obtain Video From Safehouse.
b).Hack Conksters Computer Mainframe.
c).Collect any small evidence.
d).Rescue Prisoners.


The 5th mission in the series to find TAKA Michinoku9.1 takes you inside Conkster's Control Bunker. In the centre of Russia you are required to find any piece of small evidence that might connect The Conkster with HO HSIEN-KU's Death. That includes small notes from a certain friend of his. You must also find the video footage of what happened inside that safehouse. Q has given you a high tech device for hacking their Mainframe Systems, also he has given you a Door Decoder which may be able to open locked doors, look for a computer nearby that might be able to be Hacked to open them. We also need to rescue all of his prisoners from there prison. Some of them could have witnessed what happened that night of December 23rd 2008 the Chinese Government would be most grateful of that.

Known Issues;
1). The intro swirl is not properly built i am sorry i do not know how to rotate them intro swirl cameras.
2). One of the guards while patrolling his path tends to get jammed in walls most of the time (very hard to notice).
3).When the prisoners are escaping they sometimes get jammed in the Last door (very annoying).
if you notice anything else do not hesitate to contact me @ moc.liamy|ukonihcimakat#moc.liamy|ukonihcimakat or on Xbox Live my Username is; TAKA Michinoku9
or of course contact me on shooters @ TAKA Michinoku9.1

also please contact me if you have any ideas for what level i should use for my 6th sequel or ideas you might want me to include in the level
Conkster Control Bunker Copyright TAKA Michinoku9.1
┬ęTAKA Michinoku9.1
Conkster Name Copyright of The Conkster from Xbox live
┬ęThe Conkster


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