Dam Overture
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Author: Mark Kane

Date: April 1, 2009

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Dam


[Goldeneye 007 Custom Level]

Level: Dam Overture (Formerly Beta Dam & Dam Redaux)
Modified Level: Dam
Backup Compatible: Tested and working on a Doctor 64

Author: MRKane

Date: March 29, 2009

GameShark Codes Required: None (besides Codelist for uploading to console)

It has been almost a decade since I wanted to do this, to drive the boat across the Dam, and it's this obsession that drove me to make my first Beta Dam level (I was then using the alias Designator Hawk - DHWK). Well I've grown old now, and after months of picking things to pieces, I'm happy to call this a finished project. Not much has been left untouched - from surgical BSP changes to various different modified objects, and not to mention the fabled boat. I guess Goldeneye brings out the child in us all.

Issues and Bugs (You're gonna want to read this):
Clipping Issues:
-The clipping on the first Dam tower's ladder is sometimes a bit dodgey and you can fall back down through the world - it isn't much of a hassle to get back into the world, but it's a bug.
-Alarms can dissapear and reappear at will - I don't know what causes this, but I can live with it.
-Water: Now water is a funny one, and once you've done a bit of driving you'll see why Rare commented on the difficulity of making the Dam level work - anyway, head straight for the boat, because around the dam, you won't be able to see much. These issues aren't present around the island, but I tried and I tried, however no easy solution seems to exist. Once on the boat, you'll be able to see pretty much everything. If you haven't guessed, there are blocking volumes preventing you from getting onto the docks with the boat, and only the main areas are climbable.
-If you get jammed in the vent shaft, duck down, that usually seems to end the level.
-There are some graphical glitches - flashes of blue - it's caused by a portal not lining up with the clipping. Funny thing is, that it seems to line up, but still causes problems in a few places. Again, liveable.

Texture issues:
While I've done my best to prevent texture issues some still remain, sometimes the guards uniform will flash green, and the back of head texture for a few guards is corruped, as with the alarms, I consider this minor and liveable.

Gun Bug:
I don't know why, but sometimes a gun dropped by a guard cannot be picked up - I've looked for the reasons, but hell, it only happens a few times in each level.

Now the Boat (Dubbed "TBoat22" - it took me 22 revisions to get the damn thing to work) has a few glitches. First of, sometimes you can't aim whilst in it, re-enter to fix this. Also I couldn't get Zonkity's patch going, so there's nothing more special about the boat than the shape. Perhaps I'll revise this later, but for now, you can also drive it around the streets (for shits and giggles).

Other Misc Issues:
Many constraints formed parts of this level, and one such issue is the Drone gun that you have to destroy on easiest. Basically if I pushed it to any other difficuilty level it seemed to cause random, unexplained, lockups. You've got no idea how long that bug took to find. However, I figure that if you didn't want to do this, and just wanted to jump off the Dam, you'd be playing the origional game not this MOD.

What happened to the Island!!?!?:
Anyone remember Detstar? I always loved his "ideas" about how the island was going to work (actually I think Sub and Wreck might have been the first to discover those presets but anyway, Detstar was the dreamer). Cutting a long story (and lots of Action 400 blocks) short, there are things that just don't work for the island. The guard on the top tower can't "see" the player, and can't shoot at them unless hardwired too, and then you've got bullets flying through walls and tagging the player in some locations. If just left up to action block 007 he runs around like an idiot, and quite frankly, I wanted to use the memory in other aspects. The three guards should offer enough entertainment and can be fun to snipe, however they are just stand and shoot. Again - anything more started to cause problems with level memory so it got cut back. I had huge plans for the Island but in the end it just became what it was. As with the wharf a ladder just became annoying while I was testing and building things, so the blocking volumes were put in and the player magically scales the walls.

Some forum members suggested that the player should drown, but I don't think that's overly sporting (esp. when you can't see parts of the level sometimes) and I know it's seriously odd that players stand on the water (and sometimes guards), but it's something I grew not to care about. I tried dropping the clipping level so that it looked like players were immersed, but that resulted in issues with the boat, and Portal clipping, and Kneel was just annoying, so it became a walk-zone.

As most players will have barged into this and not taken the time to actually read before they start scratching their heads - I thank you for taking the time to flick through and find out what caused these things to become the way they are.

Very big thanks out to:
Blender 3D!
Andi! (My girlfriend who put up with this for the last year or more)


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