Decoy Antenna
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Author: HackBond

Date: June 20, 2009

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Cradle


Decoy Antenna

Ive been working on this after seeing Island by TimEh (Great Map BTW)

Set at night.

1. Gain entry to bunker (Agent)
2. Destroy security cameras (S Agent)
3. Destroy HQ Equipment (00 Agent)

A terrorist organisation has been found by recent satellite photographs. You need to investigate what is going on and gain entry to the underground bunker.

M Breifing
Our satellite photographs have located a new terrorist organisation. We need to find out what they are up to. We will drop you onto their "decoy" antenna and you need to gain entry to the bunker.

Q Breifing
This decoy antenna would have personnel on it so watch out. Security cameras have been fixed to the antenna and need to be destroyed. There should be some "guard hq" on the antenna so try and eliminate all these men before they alert the bunker.

Kick some butt James!

Gameshark Codes: None


Minor Issues: Slow on load up and going from the start to the main antenna area. Not really a problem.

Thanks For Playing :P


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