Decoy Control
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Author: HackBond

Date: April 14th, 2021

Category: GE Solo Levels

Level: Control

Expansion Pak: Yes

This is the second level in my Decoy storyline. If you haven't played the first, check out Decoy Antenna Redux.
In this level, 007 has just managed to get into the elevator from the surface and is on his way down. From here, he must try and determine the intent of this armed group.
This is the first time I'm intentionally using the Footsteps Patch too, my previous level was patched with it as an attempt to make it more playable on Hardware.
There are also two armors, even on 00A. One is considerably more hidden than the other.

Patch to an unflipped GoldenEye image.

Obtain equipment
Access secured area
Photograph evidence of intent
Collect data tape
Access backup elevator
Minimize civilian casualties

Thanks to…
Zoinkity & Carnivorous: Expansion Pak support and other features.
Bruce Wayne: Feedback and testing.
Wreck: Console testing and very minor editing.
Rest of the N64Vault contributors: For keeping the community alive and giving me ideas.


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