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Author: Zka

Date: January 9th, 2020

Category: GE Solo Levels

Expansion Pak: Yes

K7 was thought to be not existent after 007 has infiltrated and succesfully killed what MI6 thought
was the main leader. It was all planned. K7 still operates in an underground warehouse complex,
in Russia. Arkady Diavolo, is the man who controls K7, as MI6 has just found out. MI6 believes he
is trying to launch a missile and set it to target Moscow which will kill millions of innocent people.
It's 007's task to stop Diavolo before it's too late. But how?

P.S: This is the final K7 level of the story.

Thanks to:

Carnivorous/Zoinkity, for the footsteps/expansions patch

Carnivorous, for keeping the editor alive and fresh by creating updates

Pheonarx, for testing


- If you descent through the huge corridor, you can clip through the wall in front of you,
but you can't go all the way through the next room. Unfortunately I can't fix this because else
I would have to make it so you're only able to fall in this invisible box, instead of freely descending.

- In the machinery room, the railing's can glitch sometimes, when sometimes looking in a
particular direction. I found this issue very weird, because I used another set of railings in the
map that didn't have any visual issues.

That's it. Thanks for playing!


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