DPRK Research Lab v1.1
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Author: Midnight Kitteh Boi

Date: July 2, 2012

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Facility


Level: DPRK Research Lab
Modified Level: Facility

Created by{Author}: MidnightKittehBoi
Finish Date: 3rd July 2012
Edited: 12th February 2020 (by Wreck)

Inside the dangerous breaches of the North Korean research facility, it is advised the security system be shut down as quickly as possible. Once it has been securely deactivated, you should be able to sneak your way in right under the KPA's noses.

M Briefing:
The government of Pyongyang insists that this human research lab does not exsist. Your job is to not only bring back undeniable evidence, but to shut them down in the process. Most of the scientists there are prisoners captured from South Korea, so do your best to ensure their safety. Beware, however, as some may be North Koreans in disguise.

Q Branch:
The equipment I have for you is a very advanced piece of software stored on this DAT. If inserted into the server mainframe, it should override the system, replacing it with my own. Also, I know you prefer smashing things the old fashioned way, but please listen to me just this once. Don't go blowing up the security console before you disable it, 007. Otherwise, you will alert the whole of North Korea to your whereabouts.

Not much is known about the Hermit Kingdom, James. I just hope you can escape this one alive and come back home for your reward.

a) Disable main security network (agent)
b) Destroy surveillance equipment (s.agent)
c) Locate server area (agent)
d) Install Q's new system (agent)
e) Minimize scientist casualties (00 agent)

Zip Contents:

Escaping deep inside the DPRK, Bond stumbles his way into a denied research and human testing lab. It is up to him to shut down the entire operation without giving his whereabouts away to Kang or other North Korean officials.

1).Subdrag: For beta testing and the editor itself ^^

Mission Beta Testers:

Contact Details:
Any issues, please feel free to hit me up on e-mail. I don't bite and will be more than happy to assist you.
Or you can choose to contact me on shooters - MidnightKittehBoi

DPRK Research Lab Copyright of MidnightKittehBoi

Edit notes v1.1…
Modified pink test tubes type and size, crashed console.
Added into first-person transition cam.
Included intro animation.
Increased size of small glass cups.
Disabled collisions on all glassware.
Removed collisions on keycards.
Increased size of keycards.
Assigned bathroom keycard to guard.
Updated keycard and door lock values.
Removed collisions from a magazine pickup.
Changed magazine ammo type to match model.
Added monitor correction flag to some screen objects.
Changed body armour model to match amount given.
Adjusted door flags and sounds.
Unlinked doors leading to quad balcony area.
Removed collisions from cameras.
Altered camera target pads.
Added some props into empty security room.
Changed security console design and usage.
Changed floppy disk to DAT, also renamed.
Rounded off some guard stats.
Reduced health on final set of troops.
Edited modified AI Path Network.
Updated objective bitflags.
Adjusted interrogation scene to not loop, check distance.
Edited outro scene data.
Modified watch time (had bizarre large values).
Gave proper level name in watch.
Renamed level in menu folders.
Adjusted rename upper watch text for keycards.
Cleaned up briefing and other text.


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