Dwayne's House of Horrors
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Author: Flargee

Date: December 7th, 2020

Category: GE Solo Levels

Expansion Pak: Yes

Dwayne's House of Horrors?!

NOTE: If running on Carnivorous' build of 1964 (https://www.archive.org/details/1964GEPD), this map is absurdly difficult, so it's highly recommended you use a mouse if playing on 1964.
If running on Project 64, please disable “Advanced Block Linking” in the settings, or the map will not work.

Will you survive in Dwayne's House of Horrors? Give it a shot and see what lurks below!

This mod also uses the footsteps patch and custom guard action blocks supplied by Carnivorous, it can be found here (https://carnivoroussociety.github.io/)


• Flargee - Mission creator.
• Carnivorous - Used his Guard melee action blocks and footsteps patch.
• Wreck - Console compat/misc fixes (listed below in 1.1 / 1.2 updates).
• Trevor - Tommy Gun prop model (forgot to credit).
• Monolith Productions - Tommy gun sound/image reference (forgot to credit).
• Music - Vernon Geyer - My Marie.
• ZoinKity - Used his 7 MB patch.
• Yourgamerman - Bug reporting/console tests.

Version 1.2

Adjustments by Wreck:

• Outro scene no longer crashes on console.
• Renamed agent character in briefing folders.
• Replaced old Merry-Go-Dwayne character model with original guard.

Version 1.1

Adjustments by Wreck:

• Merry-Go-Dwayne no longer crashes on console.
• Clipping at the start fixed, your POV no longer clips through the mountains.
• The poster in the super long hallway now doesn't Z fight.
• Guards with dual wielded weapons now let you dual wield them.
• Car keys rename fixed.
• Chocolate made indestructible.
• Fog decreased.

Adjustments by me:

• Fixed buggy action blocks.

By using this patch you confirm that you will not sell or make any profit on the patch or resulting modified ROM
You also agree that the ROM will not be included in any emulator builds or assembled ROM sets
To apply the mod, patch in the setup editor or the xdelta patcher of your choice.


File nameFile typeSize
dwayneshorror[flargee].zipZip archive data8.12 MBInfo
horror.pngPNG image data752.43 kBInfo


GoldenEye Main
Perfect Dark Main
Diddy Kong Racing Main
Jet Force Gemini Main
Mickey's Speedway USA Main
Pokemon Snap Main
Super Smash Bros. Main

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