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Author: ZKA

Date: September 3rd, 2019

Category: GE Solo Levels

Level: Facility

Expansion Pak: Yes

Description: Glad to be back to GE modding. Havent posted a level since December 25th, 2018! Here's my newest level,
called Exotic. Replacing Facility, this challenging level is somewhat inspired by the classic Island level by TimEh.

Mission objectives:
a) Disrupt surveillance equipment
b) Destroy all advanced mainframes
c) Initiate detonation of complex
d) Obtain K7 Operative documents

ZKA's difficulty rating out of 10:

I would say its definetely a 8/10, it can be challenging, especially if you play it on console. I actually think on console it would be a 9/10. There's only 1 body armour so you gotta conserve your health. Also ammunition is important in this level as you might get into trouble with it. Furtherly, look out for security camera's. From the creator's perspective you DO NOT want the alarm going off at the beginning of the stage. It will turn the level incredibly difficult. But to be fair, it all depends on what kind of player you are.

Special thanks to:

Zoinkity/Carnivorous - for the footsteps patch

TimEh - for some inspiration from Island on creating this level.


File nameFile typeSize
Exotic[ZKA].zipZip archive data726.8 kBInfo
Screenshot.pngPNG image data424.11 kBInfo


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