Extinction v1.1
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Author: Zka

Date: 17/11/2018

Category: GE Solo Levels

Level: Streets

Expansion Pak: Yes

Level name: Extinction
Author: Zka
Date: November 17th, 2018
Edited: May 13th, 2020 (by Wreck)
Replaces: Streets
Description: Here's my next GE level, following the story.

Special thanks to:

For the Footsteps/Expansion patch

For the greyscale image and testing

For testing

~ Thanks for playing!

Edit notes v1.1…
-updated skyblock data (caused issues on console)
-added check if jammers not destroyed can't use radios
-added fail checks if keyboard/computer destroyed
-modified radio destruction tests
-fixed helicopter collisions and tilted angle
-updated spawned guards actions
-changed spawned guards to when picked up gate key
-stopped spawned guards once enter building
-reactivated spawned guards when alarm is triggered
-made all metal crates indestructible (a couple weren't)
-made fake shutter door invincible
-added fall to floor on each desk lamp
-shrunk desk lamps a bit
-deleted middle monitor from table (would not show)
-deleted middle lamp from table
-tweaked book flags
-edited hat on desk flags
-altered door flags
-removed paired door sounds
-set one-way locks on locked doors
-made swinging doors swing away from user
-edited flags on keys
-increased size of one bolt key
-tweaked flags on secret gun pickup
-changed flags on secret ammo pickup
-corrected ammo type on secret ammo pickup
-allowed player to use dual wielded weapon pair
-edited monitor objects flags
-changed an armour model to match amount given
-updated an armour to also not be in 007 difficulty
-deleted empty path set 01
-shifted mesh gate door to center of frame
-moved certain path pads away from swinging doors
-removed upper watch lines from renames
-added punctuation to picked up lines
-set proper level watch name format
-edited some of the level briefing and other text


File nameFile typeSize
extinction[zka].zipZip archive data663.26 kBInfo
image.pngPNG image data327.81 kBInfo


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