Grid Mission
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Author: Dragonsbrethren

Date: November 17, 2008

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Grid


GoldenEye 007 - Grid Mission
Created by Dragonsbrethren
Version 1.0 - November 16th, 2008


1. Description
2. Archive
3. Patching
4. Bugs
5. Credits
6. Contact

1. Description

This is a brand new mission that takes place in the Grid, a multiplayer map ported from Perfect Dark. It was created over the course of a week and, like all of my missions, is intended to play similar to Rare's original missions. The mission replaces Dam, so it will be available to play even when starting a new game.

SubDrag's multiplayer setup for Grid is also included. You must complete the solo mission before the multiplayer map is available.

2. Archive

This archive ( should contain the following files:



The files in the individual directory are for use with the Goldeneye Setup Editor and can be ignored if you simply want to patch your ROM and play.

3. Patching

Just patch gridmission.ips to a US GoldenEye ROM in .z64 format with your favorite IPS patching program or the Goldeneye Setup Editor. If the hack doesn't work your ROM is most likely in the wrong format, a few programs exist that can convert it for you, including the Setup Editor.

After patching, if you're using Project64, you'll need to change the game settings to get it running as good as the original. Right click on your ROM in the game list, or go to Options -> Settings -> Rom Settings while the game is running, and chose "Edit Game Settings." Change the settings to the following:

·CPU core style:
·Self-modifying code Method:
Change Memory & Cache
·Memory Size:
4 MB
·Advanced Block Linking:
·Default Save type:
Use First Used Save Type
·Counter Factor:

·Larger Compile Buffer
·Use TLB
·Register caching
·SP Hack

These settings aren't needed for Mupen64 but it also won't run the game as smoothly as Project64 does. The preferred plugin for this map is Jabo's Direct3D8 1.6; other plugins do not render the marble textures used on the walls properly, even if they do render the game better overall.

4. Bugs

There are a few minor problems I was unable to correct, nothing game-breaking but things to be aware of none-the-less.

·Guards can see you and shoot through the elevator shaft, this seems to be a problem with the background file and is probably unfixable.

·Several cameras can see you through walls and ceilings, even though they shouldn't be able to. I suspect this is another background file problem.

·Occasionally a few of the guards on paths "get lost" and start wondering around one or two path nodes. I've lessened the likelihood for this happening, but did see it occur on my final playtest.

·Guards have a hard time following you up/down stairs, this might be related to using Perfect Dark's path network, which allows guards to drop down in several places the GoldenEye clipping doesn't allow, but I'm not entirely sure.

·The top two rows of the mission select photograph have garbage pixels, I have no idea what caused this and couldn't fix it.

·Multiplayer hasn't been thoroughly tested. It should be fine, since the original multiplayer setup for this map played flawlessly, but the clipping file has been modified.

In addition to these, there is a non-setup related game feature where guards can "teleport" up/down stairs and into the inaccessible elevator shaft while you're not looking at them. This is actually a good thing as it allows the guards who would usually have a hard time following you around an easy way to catch up, but they can really catch you off guard at times when they appear right behind you.

5. Credits

These are people I thought deserved some credit for helping to make this mission possible. First off, SubDrag deserves a lot of credit for the original Grid background file, multiplayer setup, and (especially) the clipping file. He also got me some console-quality screenshots to use for the briefing photo.
This should go without saying, but credit goes to everyone else involved in the creation of the Goldeneye Setup Editor and the ports of the Perfect Dark maps.

6. Contact

Should you find any issue with this hack feel free to contact me about it.

Email: moc.liamg|nerhterbsnogard#moc.liamg|nerhterbsnogard

©2008 Dragonsbrethren Industries


File nameFile typeSize
gridmission.zipZip archive data5.5 MBInfo
image.jpgJPEG image data210.93 kBInfo


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