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Author: Nico00

Date: October 16th, 2020

Category: GE Solo Levels

Level: Runway

Expansion Pak: No

Short Info

That will be my fourth and final Level that will not have a Story. My Next Level Series will Include a Story and much more from my side.

Huge Shoutout to the N64 Vault Discord. Little Personal Info, August - September was pretty rough for me alot personal things Happened. Then I saw a window where I could get into Modding Goldeneye again. And boy did it help me alot getting through tough times. Thats why I wanted to shoutout to the whole N64 Vault Discord they were also helping me alot. Love Modding the Game I love the People who also Deal with the Editor & Goldeneye in general. So I love you all guys <3


Destroy Sat-Com consoles
Download data from main server
Collect briefcase

Special thanks to:

Wreck: Testing (Emu & Console), Helping Hand with Editor Stuff,
PD Crate Model Template, Some Editing & Mission Photos

Zka: Testing

Thanks for playing!



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